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500 pcs. TPSM32A Quartz crystal TP0002 / D FREQ. 0.032768MHZ

500 pz. TPSM32A

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500 pcs. TPSM32A Quartz crystal TP0002 / D FREQ. 0.032768MHZ

Electrical characteristics Nominal frequency 30KHz-80KHz Tolerance @ + 25 ° C ± 10 ± 20 ± 30 ± 50 Standard Load capacitance: 12.5 pF, upon request from 8 pF to 18 pF Nom. Driving Level 1µW max. R series max 40 KΩ Q (Quality factor) 60 K typical Inversion point 25 ° C ± 5 ° C Temperature coefficient -0.039ppm / ° C2 Dynamic capacitance 1.6fF typical C0 / C1 See graph Operating temperature range -40 ° C / +85 ° C Shock and vibration resistance 3 ppm max. Insulation resistance 500 MΩ min. / DC 100 V Aging

Crystals are realized with NT cut, in order to achieve low resonance frequency values (30KHz / 80KHz). Widely used to generate internal time reference in PC, Mobile phones, microprocessors applications. 40KHz is standard frequency for ultra-sounds generators. 77.5KHz is, instead used to phase in lock with European broadcast time signal. Such crystals are also adopted with battery supplied systems, when extremely low power consumption is needed, for example during stand-by

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500 pz. TPSM32A
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